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Online gaming servers and gaming was popularized and brought out by a Korean gaming company. The latest gaming content has been tested and approved so that many MU enthusiasts can try their hand at the new version. The new version has allowed for micropayment which will help the players immensely. The game has a huge fan base and a lot of the players can’t wait to try their hand out on the new version that has new improved features which are player friendly and more exciting than before. Play with the newly opened

The New Features of MU

  • The use of the micropayment model.
  • The game database can be migrated.
  • Better service
  • Good customer support.
  • The account of the player and the character he/ she used to play can now be saved.
  • It will have its own in-game store
  • The game is initially free to play.
  • It has been introduced to even more number of countries.
  • There will be an introduction to two or three game titles.

What This Game Is About

The player can choose any character from the eight given classes that you are given by default before start of play. This all done before you go onto the MU continent as stated by the game. The players must gain experience go to the next levels they would have to fight monsters. Initially the monsters aren’t so much of a worry and they begin with goblins and golems as you progress into the games the monsters become fiercer and you will have a bigger challenge in front of you. They come in the form of Gorgon, Kundun or Selupan.

The monsters are unique in this game and different in every level, they have even different spawn points which you can accumulate by destroying them. The monsters also drop items, and each has its own unique set of items to drop off. When there is a duel going on outside and PvP fighting is feasible but is not allowed. Play on the new version on

If during the game, one player attacks the other, an automatic self defence system gets activated wherein the player that has been attacked can kill the attacker in particular time frame. There is also another time this mechanism is employed, if the player’s Elf’s creatures which are summoned are attacked. There are outlaws in the game and they will a certain amount of disadvantage of play during the game which also depends on what level they are playing at.

Character Classes of the Player

The different character classes the player can choose from at the beginning of the game

  • Dark wizard
  • Dark knight
  • Elf
  • Magic gladiator
  • Dark lord

The above are the five-character classes the player can opt and play the rest of the game.

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